Alevtina KakhidzeLugova 9a, V. Muzychi, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine, 08125, +380674450150,
The Spiritual Values Institute is a virtual institute that I initiated. There is a lack of funding for contemporary art in Ukraine, which is why Ukrainian artists often invest their own money into their practices. But SVI makes these gestures visible in order to establish a discourse around this. So, when I realize my own projects with my private money I display the logo of SVI.

Projects supported by SVI:
  1. Zhdanovka, a book project, published and distributed in Ukraine, 2006 (4500 hrn.)
  2. Only for Men, a performance at the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA in Kyiv, 2006 (1638 hrn.)
  3. Book Lunch, a long-term project focused exclusively on artists’ books, Ukraine, 2008 (1225 hrn.)
  4. Zhdanovka, an istallation at the exhibition ‘Transit’ at Ya-gallery, Kyiv, 2008 (614 hrn.)
  5. Unlimited, a performance at Ya-gallery, Kyiv, 2008 (250 hrn.)
  6. The Muzychi Expanded History project, a private residency program, series of interventions, 2009 till present (under calculation)