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February 2012

The second edition of a postcard with a view of the village Muzychi has been issued.
The postcards are available at the Muzychi post office. The residents of Muzychi are welcome to notice a slight difference between the postcard printed in 2010 and the postcard printed in 2012.

December 2011

Muzychi Christmas Art Fair took place.
Muzychi Christmas Art Fair took place in a room of 25m2. The prices of the art works sold at the fair were no more than 500 UAH. All the works stayed on the walls until the last day of the event. The idea to offer some unsigned works (the decision was made by each artist) was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s letter “Where do we go from here?”, 1975). The fair also featured “Grand Narrative of Kurenevka Market” by Singaporean artist Gerald Leow. Works by a 12-year-old resident of Muzychi were presented alongside works by professional artists. And why did the name of the event include “Christmas”? Because sometimes holidays are a good reason. The fair was curated by Alevtina Kakhidze and Elena Ostrakova.

November 2010

Guest residency in Muzychi took place.
Alevtina Kakhidze: “Guest residency is particularly about a stay in our house with us. In 2010 we dreamed about Joanna Warsza being our guest.The idea for Joanna Warsza’s stay was having a party where we become guests in our own house. We were not supposed to even be involved in compiling the list of guests for the party. Relevance to Ukrainian context: In Ukraine, members of the artistic community and society in general are extremely disconnected. This creates an obstacle for collaboration and communication. As a person from outside, Joanna can provide us all with a breath of fresh air. Also, Ukrainian society doesn’t have a widespread tradition and understanding of throwing parties. We have a tradition of communist party meetings (we are a post-totalitarian society), or just the custom of emailing each other without getting together and having fun to discuss things. Our parents did not teach us how to enjoy each other’s company without a meal spread out before us. In November 2010 Joanna Warsza (with Rene Wawrzkiewicz) came to realize this idea, but ended up doing something else. Warsza decided that we were not ready for the original idea we asked her to realize. Instead she decided to illustrate our private residency program. PS: how it was reviewed by Larissa Babij.”

January 2010

A postcard with a view of the village Muzychi has been printed.
No postcard of Muzychi has ever existed before. The postcards are available at Muzychi post office.

29.10.2009 at 18.00

Mobile cinema, a project by Romana Schmalisch had a presentation in Muzychi. ‘Mobile Cinema’ is an apparatus that unites experimental lecturing and moving to different places. To be more concrete: it is a reconstruction of a film prop from Alexander Medvedkin’s film “The New Moscow” (1938): a projection and viewing table where an engineer on his journey to Moscow presents his designs and urban visions for the new city – a bizarre model that is somewhere between urban model, cinema, and plate camera. Similar to the engineer in the film, the artist plans to travel to various places with the “Mobile Cinema” and to present some of her films and filmic research on urban space and urban visions, among them a filmic collage of many of her own films as well as filmic materials not previously used. The film clips address in different ways the changes of urban space and the social changes that come with them. For the presentation of Mobile cinema in Muzychi the artist showed a film ‘The 8th sister’.