Alevtina Kakhidze

The Muzychi Expanded History project /
Private residency program

I truly believe that one person can expand the history of a place – particularly when it comes to small towns or villages. Such places can be particularly famous because some “great” person was born or spent some part of his or her life there. Mostly it is connected to tourism, but still we must agree to the fact that a person does expand the history of a place. In 2008 I moved from the capital to a village. The name of the village is Muzychi – which probably stems from the word “music” – that’s all is known. From a distance it was not speed of life here or artistic activity, something that I had been so involved in for all my adult life... So, believing in the idea that “a person expands the history of a place” I have decided to bring people from the art world here to Muzychi through The Muzychi Expanded History project. I lend them my studio for two months a year so that they can stay and work in Muzychi. During this time I work from my home, which is next door. The studio has two rooms: one room can be for living and the second for work; there is water, a shower and a toilet, furniture, a small kitchen. There is a bike donated to the program by first resident of the program — Stefka Ammon.

The residency program doesn't require something particular be done within the context of the place where the artist is staying. I invite people just for their presence here – just to be themselves, just to be in Muzychi. That is why a book called ‘Expanded History of Muzychi’ is planned be published. The book will consist of information about all residents of the program — their biographies, descriptions of their art, and their notes about Muzychi — in metaphor way their presence here expands the history of the place. The book is supposed to be in Ukrainian and presented to a local audience in the village.

Lugova Street 9a, Muzychi Village, Kyiv Oblast, 08125, Ukraine

Getting there:
Buses #727 and #762 run every 25 minutes from Kyiv subway station Nyvky to Muzychi. Travel time is 40 — 60 minutes (depends on traffic) and the bus stop is a 20 minute walk from the studio.

We provide only the mentioned studio.

We have no deadlines; just write us before 16 of March.

For a minimum period of tree weeks and a maximum of two months. Only in exceptional case a period of less than two weeks is possible.

Contact person:
Alevtina Kakhidze

The Muzychi Expanded History project is a private residency program supported by the Spiritual Values Institute.


Ikuru Kuwajima
in a frame of “We say: The Russian-Ukrainian War Is a Colonial War


Alex Close (Toronto) 01.09–01.10


Participants of A Village Tower, Gardens and Music (a science and art program for youth)


Fleurie Hunter (Canada) 07.09–17.09

Alexandra Hunts (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 22.09–06.10


Anastasia Bondarenko (Kyiv)
Yurii Polishchuk (Kyiv-Vinnytsia)
Lilia Gogol (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Andrii Dostliev (Donetsk-Poznan)
In 2018 artists worked for common project “How To Be A Curator of Archive”.


Anna Tereshkina (Russia) 06.08–22.08


Sarah Lippett (London) 01.09–29.09
Sarah Lippett is giving an interview just in Muzychi


Marysia Nikitiuk (Kyiv) 07.06–27.06

Marco Briano (Edinburg) 05.07–30.07

Paul Melzer (Germany) 01.08–17.08

Mathilde Vaveau (Renn) 18.08–03.09

Steve Schepens (Berlin) 04.09–17.09

Svitlana Gavrilenko (Simferopol, Ukraine) 18.09–07.10


Barbora Kleinhamplová 28.07–29.08

Sergey Melnitchenko (Mykolaiv) 16.09–1.10


Anita Müller (Germany) 06.08–31.08

Fruzsi Jesse (Hungary) 01.09–12.09

Albina Yaloza (Odesa) 22.09–10.10

Nini Palavandishvili (Georgia) 14.10–29.10


In frame of “Art Residency in Muzychi, 19 km from a host city of UEFA EURO 2012”

In 2012, Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities hosted UEFA EURO 2012. For this particular time, June 8-July 1, as part of The Muzychi Expanded History Project/private residency program we set specific criteria for artists, art theoreticians and curators who wish to take part in the residency program – they have to be football fans!

Christoph Höschele (Austria) 20.06–01.07

In frame “Art Residency in Muzychi, 40 km from ARSENALE 2012”

Kyiv International Biennial of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 took place in Ukraine for the first time. For this particular event in the framework of The Muzychi Expanded History Project/private residency program we invited artists, art theoreticians and curators who have a strong interest in ARSENALE 2012 or just in international biennales of contemporary art in general.

Marko Stamenkovic (Serbia) 23.05–27.05


Tobias Rosenberger (Germany) 20.08–05.09

Gerald Leow (Singapore) 05.09–05.10


Wojtek Ziemilski (Poland) 14.09–25.09

Roland Roos (Switzerland) 27.09–12.10

Joanna Warsza and Rene Wawrzkiewicz (Poland) 07.11–18.11


Stefka Ammon 06.08–03.09
Interview with Stefka Ammon

Romana Schmalisch 23.09–06.10