Alevtina KakhidzeLugova 9a, V. Muzychi, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine, 08125, +380674450150,
I noticed, for some people it makes more sense if I talk to them about my art than if they visited my show, saw my installation, looked at some of my drawings.

Proposed topics for lectures:

‘The evolution of consumer desire developed at about ten times its usual speed’

The lecture deals with self-reflection on consumer desire, true pleasure and happiness. As a Ukrainian having lived in the flamboyant West in early 2000, and now as a passive participant of a enrichment of some part of Ukrainian society, including her own family. Alevtina Kakhidze draws a picture of the evolution of consumptionism: from the coveting of goods, the desire for exotic places and extreme experiences (flying the private plane, deep-sea diving) to the logic of places of exchange like stores and auction houses.

Based on series of drawings from The Most Commercial Project.
Duration: 45 min

‘The weak’

The lecture is about my position based on gender, money, and power. Lets say, this position is weak, but can be changed into strong as many times as the number of my art projects that are being realized. The lecture is also about weak spots in my art project, even mistakes.

Based on my art and life.
Duration: 45 min

‘Duchamp, give me five!’

Duchamp, a dog named after artist Marcel Duchamp
Alevtina Kakhidze, an artist

The performance is a conversation around a request to the dog:
“Duchamp, give me five! It will be a sign that you consider me as your colleague”

The performance is based on projects by Marcel Duchamp (1987-1968) and projects by Alevtina Kakhidze (born 1973).
Duration: 25 min